A faster, fresher, more engaged underwriting experience for brokers.

OneBefore is an underwriter-led MGA specialising in consumer insurance with a focus on Accident, Absence, Health, and Travel insurance. We aim to provide our customers with great value products and peace of mind.

We are a tight-knit team.

Thoughtful, decisive and fair.

OneBefore is flexible, multi-disciplined and experienced in delivering big things (quickly).

Data driven and transparent

Data drives our decisions, and we're transparent about our decision-making process, assumptions, and data flow. This way, we are all aligned and can work towards common goals. 

Collaborating to do the right thing

We’re passionate about working together to build products that meet the genuine needs of our brokers’ clients.

Products that meet the needs of our brokers’ clients and the wider community

We develop value-adding products that support policyholders when they need it most.

Underwriting that's faster and fresher

Being a flexible team streamlines approvals and underwriting decisions. Tight-knit teamwork fuels lightning-quick response times.

Actuarial expertise with a consumer focus

We’re a pragmatic, hard-working team of insurance professionals. We combine actuarial and underwriting skills with a fierce focus on consumer duty.

Tailored insurance products

We’re introducing innovative products that address primary concerns, such as costs incurred and loss of income resulting from accidents, emergency medical assistance while abroad, and covering the cost of temporary staff when permanent staff are sick.

Efficient claims handling

We select expert claim administrators who are specialists in their lines of business and offer genuine customer value. Our focus is on customer service, speed and ease of making and settling claims.

Data-driven decisions through an actuarial lens

Our team has a wealth of actuarial, underwriting and operational expertise. We manage our data closely and are committed to using the results to evolve and improve our products. 

Design and launch insurance products for customers in days (not weeks)

Behind every policy, there's a person, a family, and a story that deserves our utmost care and attention. We’re about products that make a real difference to individuals and communities.

Onebefore provides tailored products across four core areas


Experience clear, focused policies, quick, hassle-free claim handling, and coverage for individuals, families, and less serviced groups like people with pre-existing medical conditions and those travelling for medical procedures.


Explore innovative insurance
solutions designed to guarantee the uninterrupted delivery of essential services, such as medical care and
education, even in challenging circumstances.

Personal Accident

Explore products with unique
features, like allowing policyholders to make home alterations after an unforeseen accident, offering enhanced protection and adaptability for our valued clients.

Supplemental Health

We are committed to building innovative supplemental health products that offer financial support through sickness. 

An easier and more efficient underwriting experience

Quicker turnarounds. Simpler policy wording. 

Smarter portfolio management analytics. And a team

that works with you to take the effort out of each step.