Meaningful, bespoke products in days (not weeks)

We’re passionate about creating innovative products that fit with the needs of your clients. And we’re driven to collaborate with our distribution partners to deliver them faster than anyone else.


Comprehensive coverage for  pre-existing medical conditions

We provide extensive travel insurance for individuals, families and businesses, protecting them against unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt their plans.

Supplementary Health

Cover for income interruption

Extensive coverage to help individuals safeguard their financial well-being after an accident or through a sickness.


Extensive coverage for various absences 

 Financial support for professionals, schools and GP practices to cover the cost of temporary staff during teacher and doctor absences.

Personal Accident

Vital coverage for accidental death and disability

We provide cover in the event of an accident causing temporary or permanent disability to help address the challenges that may arise.

From off-the-shelf to bespoke solutions, we have you covered

Why choose OneBefore?

Expert pricing, efficient underwriting, customisable benefits, simple policies, quick claims handling, and unwavering care for customers.

Expert pricing strategy and portfolio management

We provide expert and transparent pricing strategies and performance management tools. Pricing and distribution assumptions will always be clearly defined and communicated to enable targeted portfolio management and analytics.

Tailored benefits to meet our customers’ needs

By emphasising innovation and customer-centricity, we provide the speed and flexibility needed to meet diverse and evolving customer needs with value adding products.

Simple, clear, focused policies

OneBefore's insurance products are carefully designed with clear and straightforward policy wording, making it easy for everyone to understand their coverage.

Efficient Underwriting

Our multi-disciplined team deeply understands the insurance landscape, including actuarial and underwriting expertise. We can quickly assess and quantify risk, structure deals effectively, and simplify the route to market.

Quick and easy claims handling

We offer quick, hassle-free claim-handling while minimising complaints and declinatures.

It’s about people, not just insurance.

We understand that behind every policy, there’s a person, a family, and a distinct narrative deserving our unwavering care. It’s why clearer, fairer, more affordable cover is at the heart of everything we do.

Work with engaged and effective underwriters and actuaries to build products that make a difference.

By streamlining the product development process through collaborative workshops, including coverage, pricing, marketing strategy, and distribution, we can ensure all clients' needs are met.

Let’s work together to build great products