We’re about developing valuable products and doing the right thing.

We are a dynamic, customer-centric, multi-skilled team dedicated to serving our brokers and distribution partners.

We are a

Licensed and regulated to produce and distribute insurance products in the UK. (Europe to follow)

Thoughtful, decisive and fair.

How do we work?

An easier, simpler insurance experience for complex times.

Offering an insurance experience that’s easier, simpler, and more in tune with the needs of today’s individuals, families, and businesses.

Making custom insurance designed to help customers worry less.

We structure modern policies with effectiveness and simplicity in mind, ensuring a smoother route to market for insurance solutions that truly matter.

Transparent pricing models, driven by data and customer insights

Products tailored to our partner’s customer needs

Simple processes for individuals, families and small businesses

Distribution on a direct, ancillary and embedded basis

Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Why OneBefore?

Discover the OneBefore difference.

OneBefore is a modern insurance provider committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. How do we do this?.

We really care

We bring passion and purpose back to insurance and prioritise affordable and straightforward coverage to provide our clients with protection and peace of mind.

Quick claim assessments

We’re a team of versatile insurance experts who prioritise clear, concise communication to ensure quick and efficient claim settlements, minimising complaints and declinatures.

We put brokers first

By streamlining the product development process through collaborative workshops with brokers on coverage, pricing, market strategy, and distribution, brokers can more easily develop a referral system and ensure all clients’ needs are met.

Genuinely useful products

We work closely with brokers and distribution partners to develop tailor-made insurance solutions that meet end-customers diverse needs. By actively involving these key stakeholders, we ensure our products are functional and practical.

Delivering custom insurance solutions to brokers and distribution partners within weeks (not months.)

From cutting-edge health and absence insurance to personal accident and travel inconvenience policies, OneBefore develops logical products that address genuine needs, truly serving the purpose they were designed for.

We’re rewriting the underwriting experience for brokers and distributors.

We look forward to working with you and bringing your products to life!